23 марта 2011 г.

GUEST call by Cherry Designs

Good evening girls
Cherry-Designs is looking for CT people, people as a Guest, and then see!


one page per kit
post your page on DST, to praise the game / CTM
Make advertising on your blog or / and facebook
Especially do not forget to have fun and have fun!!

if you're interested, send an e-mail: cherrydesignscrap@gmail.com

with the subject: GUEST call
with your full name and your nickname CT which you already part
and also links DST gallery and blog

Cherry-Designs sell at DMS and SCRAPBIRD:

Немного добавлю от себя. Девочки, советую! Это первый дизайнер, с кем я начала работать. Красивые и очень нежные наборы, дружная команда. Мне очень нравится! :)

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